Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's up?

Are you with me? I seem to have lost all followers of this blog :D... How is the cleaning going? I'm going mad even now!! LOL. My maids have done the kitchen; I have cleaned up my room except for hubby's cupboard (he says he will do it over the weekend). Assigned duties to 'people' to clean up their spaces {I do have more members staying in my home}. 

But inspite of many things being done, I am still worried. I have some cupboards that are too high for me even if I climb the tallest footstools at home :-( {yes, I am very short}.

Anyway, do share your stories...



  1. I've not yet started..i figure what's the point of cleaning, when every Diwali we're not at our house..we have to be at my in-laws house! :(
    I haven't been able to do rangoli, or put any lights on my own house coz hubby has his holidays and we have to visit!
    I do plan to clean my own cupboard at least..finished 3 out of 5 cupboards in the kitchen.
    you're a lil tiny girl..I was kind of shocked to see you..I felt like a freaking giant in front of you! somehow all my best friends have been the Laurel types while I remain the Hardy in all the cases! ( I hope I got the names right)

  2. Hi Smita...Cleaning is still going on my end..i am done with all the bedrooms... now i have to clean all the glasses..

    Hey i know i am soo late for participating in first challenge... anyways here is my golden card..