Friday, October 8, 2010

Week 1: Challenge 1

I am not sure if I'll be doing this everyday or less frequently.... but here goes my first phase.

I am starting off with something a little simpler than the slogging involved in cleaning ;-) - that is, with a card. Why don't you play along? My theme for today was a 'little' gold and some warm traditional colors... I didn't make my card 'blingy'; just kept it subtly golden and very very simple so that it goes easily in post (without costing me an arm and a leg on postage alone).

For more details on the card, hop on to my main blog.

Leave a comment with a link to your creation. Share your joy and the festive fun...

Well, that's not all... since I am a couple of days late in starting off anyway, I thought I'd add a bonus challenge too ;-) I'm going to start with cleaning one corner of my room. What are you going to begin with?



  1. Nice card Smita,
    well, since there is lots of sunlight in bangalore these days, I have started with mattresses and pillows. They all are sitting on terrace frm 2 days. I am already finished with curtains. and next will be baths and fridge!

  2. lolz.. I thought me and my mom are the only ones for whom cleaning is an annual affair.. :D My m-i-l doesnot think thats a good idea and keeps up with her cleaning chores throughout the year!!
    I am glad i have to clean only my room :D :D

    And today morning i was thinking to start off with simpler task of cleaning my dressing table and bed side table.. which will easily take me one week! :D

    And the card is gorgeous!! I am probably going to be with my mom this weekend, & i am surely going to take out old wedding invites and make a few gorgeous cards! :D

  3. I used to clean on an annual basis..i'm not one of those tidy and clean ones! but after getting married..moving houses every year its cleaning in itself..but this year, I plan to clean the house, re-organize everything..lets see how much I get done..
    I've never made diwali cards! eeks! not once in 3 yrs of card making..its time I find my old hidden stash of greetings and do something about it..

    might take a week or two for me to join your challenges, since i'm taking a break for a week..but should be back soon!! love the gold colors on the card!!

  4. Love it! And liked the title of ur blog too! :)

  5. I loved your card. I would surely like to join you for festival preparation. I have also made some Diwali cards here.

    I have made almost 13-14 cards from last 1 month but I think uploaded just 4-5 cards.

    I also used one wedding card from this card. Currently problem I have is I usually don't get any wedding cards here in USA and handmade paper is very expensive here as most of them are imported from India, Nepal, Thailand etc.

  6. hey Smita.. i just love your card.. will definately come up with some gold ethnic diwali card...:)..

    And about cleaning...started little bit with my kitchen..already called pest control guy , to get rid of cockroachs...eeee...major work will start after that...

    Love your idea dear.

  7. Hello,

    I made my first Diwali project.... which is a treat box... & here is the link to it..... DIWALI WISHES Cleaning is always a part of my daily routine.... So there is no much pile up for the occasion.... What ever that is there, is for my maid... :) No kids, no immediate family ties.... So that gives me time for my hubby, myself & my projects..... Wishing u Happy VijayaDashami!!!!!! Hugs)))))


  8. I had made another card.. & here is the link to it..... Just wanted to share it here...

    Hope u have had an awesome celebration & SO did I..... Happy Celebrations!!!!