Saturday, October 9, 2010

Week 1: Challenge 2

Hey girls,

Thank you for taking part...

Did you do a lot or a little in the past 2 days? I did only little.... part of my bookshelf and parts of my room. Since my kitchen is more than half done already (I'd started that before I thought of this blog idea), I'll go back to it a little later ;-) 

Thanks for the tips and support :-). Avni, I already know you are super organized ;-). Deepti, thanks I need to call Pest Control this week. Dolly, I clean often but I have to do this Diwali cleaning.... only then does it feel festive around here ;-) and with a naughty little boy PLUS loads of people home all the time, my house tends to get messy :-( I hate the mess and so does my husband ;-) so one of us is always cleaning Pankti - I'm sure you can substitute handmade paper with grunge paper that is inked or colored? And use loads of gold embossing powder maybe?? We are all cribbing about lack of craft material here so you should be happy you have access to the stuff at least :-p

I can't do much over the weekend because most of my time is spent with Aaryan and Vineet and in the kitchen ;-) But I'll continue with my room cleaning hopefully :-)


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