Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's up?

Are you with me? I seem to have lost all followers of this blog :D... How is the cleaning going? I'm going mad even now!! LOL. My maids have done the kitchen; I have cleaned up my room except for hubby's cupboard (he says he will do it over the weekend). Assigned duties to 'people' to clean up their spaces {I do have more members staying in my home}. 

But inspite of many things being done, I am still worried. I have some cupboards that are too high for me even if I climb the tallest footstools at home :-( {yes, I am very short}.

Anyway, do share your stories...


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week 2

Well, you thought I've vanished?! I kind of did  ;-) I wanted to take a crafty break again but that won't happen now I guess. As for Diwali, my cleaning is going slow. Maids taking their days off every now and then; and so many people at home - making it really difficult for me to manage. But I hope you are all doing well and keeping with schedules.

I read in some comments that their homes are cleaned everyday - kudos - but I guess that is almost a habit out here in India, isn't it? :-) During Diwali, we have a tradition of emptying a cleaning every part of the house even if it is cleaned every day. Guess that tradition is different in different cultures. I want to make some paper lanterns or some paper decor with my son.... still looking for good tutorials though. 

My kitchen shelves are now almost done (by the maid).I am attacking my son's stuff tomorrow. :-)


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Week 1: Challenge 2

Hey girls,

Thank you for taking part...

Did you do a lot or a little in the past 2 days? I did only little.... part of my bookshelf and parts of my room. Since my kitchen is more than half done already (I'd started that before I thought of this blog idea), I'll go back to it a little later ;-) 

Thanks for the tips and support :-). Avni, I already know you are super organized ;-). Deepti, thanks I need to call Pest Control this week. Dolly, I clean often but I have to do this Diwali cleaning.... only then does it feel festive around here ;-) and with a naughty little boy PLUS loads of people home all the time, my house tends to get messy :-( I hate the mess and so does my husband ;-) so one of us is always cleaning Pankti - I'm sure you can substitute handmade paper with grunge paper that is inked or colored? And use loads of gold embossing powder maybe?? We are all cribbing about lack of craft material here so you should be happy you have access to the stuff at least :-p

I can't do much over the weekend because most of my time is spent with Aaryan and Vineet and in the kitchen ;-) But I'll continue with my room cleaning hopefully :-)


Friday, October 8, 2010

Week 1: Challenge 1

I am not sure if I'll be doing this everyday or less frequently.... but here goes my first phase.

I am starting off with something a little simpler than the slogging involved in cleaning ;-) - that is, with a card. Why don't you play along? My theme for today was a 'little' gold and some warm traditional colors... I didn't make my card 'blingy'; just kept it subtly golden and very very simple so that it goes easily in post (without costing me an arm and a leg on postage alone).

For more details on the card, hop on to my main blog.

Leave a comment with a link to your creation. Share your joy and the festive fun...

Well, that's not all... since I am a couple of days late in starting off anyway, I thought I'd add a bonus challenge too ;-) I'm going to start with cleaning one corner of my room. What are you going to begin with?


Diwali Planning

Hey there everyone,

Diwali is just around the corner (yikes!!) and I decided to plan my Diwali preparations on my blog this time around. And this isn't just about the cards... Hubby and I don't really send out cards to many but this time, I intend to send them to few special people (family and friends). 

I am always jittery the month before Diwali and am always making lists and lists and more lists to get my home organised, the clutter emptied, the shopping done, and to have home good as new on Diwali day ;-) This year, I have something different on my cards... don't know how well it will work out though...

Would you like to join me in planning out your festive season too? Hope along then. :-)